Posted by: Grover Gunn | April 8, 2009

Sophie Scholl – The Final Days

The German movie Sophie Scholl – The Final Days is now available on instant view at I highly recommend this movie based on a true story.

There is some helpful background information at If you plan on watching the movie, you might want to do so before reading this article or before reading my comments below.

The Christian character of the Scholl family is movingly demonstrated in the scene in which Sophie meets with her father and mother. The Nazi criminal investigator tries to convince Sophie of the rightness of his brave new world which has no place for God or the individual conscience. HeĀ  confidently asserts that the law of the state is the highest law, and yet he wrestles with his own conscience as he tries to act consistently with this conviction. He wants to spare Sophie but she will not cooperate by compromising her convictions. The hateful and arrogant judge who presides over the trial shows the hardening effect of godless philosophy. The inspiring courage of this young Christian lady stands in obvious contrast to the cowardice of many others.



  1. Dear Pastor Gunn,
    My wife and I are so glad and thankful to the Lord to have discovered you and your teaching.

    We watched “Sophie Scholl” the other evening and were very moved.

    Also your teaching on the difference between Dispensationalism and Reformed Theology concerning the “one people of God” was a real meal of a message.

    I have listened to the message twice while my wife has just finished listening for the third time!

    May the Lord bless you and all at Grace.

    Much love and thankfullness to the Lord and to you from across the pond here in England.
    Now to backtrack and get down to to listening to your full teaching on dispensationalism.

    In Christ.
    Bob and Maria Mitchell


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