Posted by: Grover Gunn | October 4, 2008

F.F. Bruce and Blogs

I yesterday happened upon a statement by the late F.F. Bruce which makes me wonder what he would think about the world of blogs which developed after his death in 1990. Here is the quotation:

“Another factor for which perhaps we should be grateful is that printing is so much more expensive nowadays. A couple of generations ago it was all too cheap and easy to engage in a prolonged pamphlet-warfare which might do untold harm by spreading a local or personal difference far and wide and enlisting partisan support on either side. I have a considerable collection of such polemical pamphlets, and I regard it as a great mercy that we see so little of this sort of thing today.” (page 166, Answers to Questions)

I also thought that the following statement, taken from the same paragraph, was helpful:

“It is all too easy to interpret orthodoxy as meaning ‘what I think’ and heterodoxy as meaning ‘what the other man thinks.'”



  1. Hi Grover,
    Very good quotes… of course, if you think the blogosphere is bad, then that is heterodoxy… I think it’s wonderful, therefore, my thoughts are orthodox!



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