Posted by: Grover Gunn | April 28, 2008

The Movie Documentary “Expelled”

I have today submitted the following letter to the local newspaper:

“The movie documentary ‘Expelled’ was excellent. I thought the key point was that modern microbiology has discovered that the biological cell is not a simple gel but an organic factory far more complex than any human invention. This new data exposes the inadequacy of the naturalistic Darwinian model for explaining the origin of species. To use the language of Thomas Kuhn, we are witnessing the early stages of a scientific paradigm shift on the level of the  Copernican revolution. As to be expected, the establishment is stubbornly clinging to its old familiar model and is desperately resisting the ‘survival of the fittest’ in the realm of scientific explanations.”




  1. i think that the Copernican revolution metaphor is appropriate for what is happening in science today. I don’t think this is a radical plus for intelligent design since those who do not wish to believe will find ways to discredit or work around things, but it is significant.

  2. Evolution is disproved by that time-tested logical axiom: improbability implies impossibility.

    This is why it is, in fact, impossible to win the lottery.

  3. Good review. I hope to see the movie soon… as soon as Netflix starts renting it out. 🙂

  4. I think that the creation theorists are, for the most part, “whistling in the dark.” It is a grievous thing to see so much time and brain power wasted by God’s people on such trivialities. Are you fearful that the sovereign God is not able to create by whatever means he chooses? All this creationism is, I think, akin to a kind of wholesome hobby or pastime. It is unimportant, unconvincing, and I think a detriment to people hearing the gospel.

  5. mr. smith, all truth is God’s truth. feel free to debate what facts are true, but don’t call such searches detrimental.

    of course God can create by any means he wishes. creationists believe his account was literal, theistic evolutionists believe it was metaphorical. and then there are further sub-categories in each of these camps.

    so argue for what you believe, because truth is God ordained and worth seeking out. but it is possible to disagree with someone’s conclusions while respecting their desire to understand. in fact, i would argue this attitude is necessary in order to not harden our minds beyond plasticity.

    but either way, you can’t love those you treat with disrespect, and if you can’t love those you disagree with, you’ve forgotten what the gospel is.

  6. Thank you, Fred, for your comments.

    I am encouraged when Christians work to distribute the gospel message. I am also encouraged when people, intentionally or unintentionally, confirm some aspect of the gospel message. As Paul said, God’s invisible attributes, even His power and Godhead, are clearly seen in His creation (Romans 1:20). Surely God’s power and Godhead are seen in the newly discovered facts about the incredibly complex design of biological life and about the amazingly fine-tuned balance of environmental conditions necessary for the survival of biological life here on Planet Earth.

    This movie was admittedly not a Christian production designed to communicate the message of salvation from sin through faith in Jesus Christ. Yet the movie’s implied message that there is indeed a Maker could influence some to be more open to hearing the good news about reconciliation with one’s Maker through faith in Christ.

    Perhaps the main purpose of this particular movie was to champion the academic, scientific and journalistic freedom to acknowledge all credible evidence and to follow it wherever it leads.


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